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Belle Mt [Spoken; Belle-Mont] is the concept of London based artist Matt Belmont, conceived during a withdrawal from public performances and releases between 2014 and 2016. During this time he dedicated himself to introspective periods of songwriting development, beginning a journey musically and geographically as he wrote, cowrote and produced.

The climax of this initial two year endeavour of expression and development saw him retreat to a friends’ unfinished family home to write in solitude at the foothills of the French alps. There Matt started experimenting with a new epic, cinematic sound mirroring his surroundings and the mountain views out of his makeshift studio window; beginning to build ethereal productions for songs ‘Back Pedalling’ and ‘The Water’ and developing the raw basis of a sound that would find its way into the hands of Nashville based Grammy award winning producer; Femke Weidema. Femke's production background includes being a collaborator of prolific film music composer Hans Zimmer, this leads to a deep knowledge of rich layering & the creation of dramatic soundscapes. Their musical connection has resulted in a partnership which brings a unique writing and production style to the project, steeped in layered ambience and depth. Working out of home project studios on a shoestring budget, 8 songs were written and demoed in that first 10 day trip, and the haunting lead-track ‘Hollow’ was born.

A packed out, beautifully staged and lit ‘In the round’ show at the cavernous Tooting Tram & Social in July gave a hint of a multidimensional artist with huge ambition. The collective of multi instrumentalists which make up the Belle Mt live trio include alongside Matt Belmont on Vocals, Guitar and Piano; Ben Worsley (Electric Guitar/Bass/Synth/Vocal Harmonies), Chris Burgess (Drums/SPD trigger pads/Vocal Harmonies) and between them they create a sound way beyond their number.

The collection of songs that start with the release of Hollow, give insight into the rare and arrestive mind behind eloquent and almost mythic lyrics that are bound to transport listeners on their own journey.



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